Park position

I have tested yesterday repetier host 1.6.0 and it doesn't park on position, after finished printing!
When it finishes printing it stays where it finished and printed model is glued on nozzle.


  • That park position only works under certain conditions.
    - It must be activated in printer settings
    - You must have homed while host connected
    - Print from host
    - Legal coordinates

    You should better always have a favourite poistion for xy that you move to in the slicer end script. I personnaly use left side and y so that bed is in fron meaning y max.
  • It is activated in printer settings.
    I have put coordinates to go on home position but Z axis on top.
    Always printing on host
    But point is it never move from printing object it stays on top of it.
    It worked in 0.95
    but not in 1.6.0
  • You mean you do no Z homing? 

    You need home x and y to get it do anything at all. Condition for z move is

    if (analyzer.hasZHome && analyzer.RealZ < disposeZ && disposeZ > 0 && disposeZ <= Main.printerSettings.PrintAreaHeight)

    so you need z home, must be below dispose z position and dispose z position must be below printer height.

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