New Mac version will come



  • I'm also waiting for the new Mac version. It's pointless to let Repetier Host and Server run in a Windows VM that makes updates and restarts whenever it wants to. Please supply further information if and when the new Mac version will be released.  In case zencuke is right, I'll probably switch to some other software.
  • And now it's here in ver 1.1.0 :-) Jiiiihaaaah
  • Sorry, but it will take time, but it will come.
    que merda do capeta voces fazem esta porra so pra windows na verdade ne! to bolado comprei uma impressora 3d e ela não funciona no mac de maneira nenhuma ja tentei ate as versões mais velhas e nada .

  • Since Repetier Host is in version 2 for PC and still in version 1 for Mac, which software would you recommend using until you have succeeded in closing the gap between PC and Mac versions?
  • Winforms for mac are not working as expected, that is why mac is different. Being the least used system and since we work on a one solution for all (repetier-server) it gets not much love. Free time is something we do not have so we have to decide.
  • Any news on mac version 2.x?
  • Based off of the activity in this post, I'm assuming Version 2.X for Mac is still a while off?
  • Yes. If it would be a specialized version of out server running in an app.
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