Out of Memory

Hello i have no idea what problem is here working :(

Newest Rep. Host 1.6.0

Netbook Lenovo 4333 (XP)
Laptop Samsung R55 2x1.6GHz RAM2GB(Vista)
PC i7 4x2.8GHz RAM6GB (Win7)

Problem Out of Memory at Slicing with Slic3r on Infilling Layers
Same Problem on each Hardware

Ideas ???
I'm Not after 4-5 hours, Google... nothing, i'm the only with this Problem i think XD

i want only Print a Bisquit cutter XD

My Printer:
Prusa Mendel i2 with Ramps + Arduino 2560... Works before rep. Host Update... :/





  • Using nearly 5GB for such a small model is not really good. Should use much less.

    What I saw is infill width 20% is not enough. Shoudl be at least nozzle diameter.

    You did not show printer settings. Make sure you have there a correct nozzle diameter entered.

    Apart from this I see nothing that could use much memory and I have surely sliced bigger models with less ram.
  • I have Installed the Repetier Host 1.0.6 and now it works 1.6.0 dosn't

    The Nozle is correct 0.5mm.

    When i set the Infill to 100% i have to much material and the print fails, but 20% Works.

    I know that i have much to learn about settings, i build a much acurater mechanic with THK Linear Akuators ans a lot Steel :D, i hope if the mechanic more accurate i can better set parameters for better results. it is future :D

    best regards
  • 1. 1.0.6 has a olderslic3r version bundled whcih is why it works I guess. So you replaced the slicer instead of finding the parameter that make sit fail for you. Lazy:-)

    2. 100% must work. Check filament diameter. If you have 1.75 and it is set to 2.85 it will extrude too much and will do so everywhere. Also you need to calibrate extruder to match expected movement. Try some calibration objects for extrusion multiplier.
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