Maxtemp Error

Hi All,

Relatively new to 3D printing, but I upgraded my power from 12v to 24v.
Connected the heated bed to 24v, and new 24v extruder heater.

Since doing this, when I turn on the Extruder heater, the temperature just climbs and does not stop till error.

I also updated Repetier host at the same time, so not sure what might be causeing this

Any suggestion?




  • Did you also change heater carriage? Otherwise you heat 4 times faster and what you see might be a massive overshoot from your sheer power. In any case it is firmware setting related. You need to at least newly calibrate firmware to the new heater system. Eventually increasing temp. control range or reducing max. pwm power to get it to a controllable power.
  • @Drew _ did you redo your PID calibrations?
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