Bottom layers look bad.

I can not get the bottom layers of my print to look good.  I have the horizontal lays set for 5 bottom and 5 top.  I set the first layer on 100% and the Top sold fill on 100%.  The top layers look good.  The quality is even worse when I print a raft.  Does anyone know why it's doing this?



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    My raft layer doesn't look to good either.

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  • Looks like your head is too far away from the bed. Even if it sticks it does not get a good shape. It improves if you set width to 200% for first layer, but correct layer height helps even more. What I do for my 0.4mm nozzle is set first layer to 0.3mm even if I print the rest in 0.05mm layer height. That gives some play for calibration errors.
  • I redone the calibration and it was fine. I will try doing 200%. I do the first layer on .3 the drop it down to .2 or .1.
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