How to connect Macintosh to Prusa i3 Reprap printer

I have tried to connect to my new printer with Repeater Host for Mac without success. I tried Cura and got a connection with motor responses, but have not tried to print yet (awaiting filament). I used Repeater before on a different set up and it worked OK, so would like to stay with it. Any suggestions to establish a USB connection?


  • Check baud rate and reset on connect. Depending on board only some combination will work.
  • Ok, another issue. Trying to modify the firmware on my Melzi/Sanguino setup but cannot get Arduino IDE to connect. Got the Sanguino in the menu OK but cannot compile the latest Repetier firmware without error (the twi.c thing). What to do?
  • Can not connect Arduino. Only port options seem to be bluetooth-incoming-port; bluetooth-modem; iphone wirelessiap;virtual printer and none
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