First layer won't stick.

I printed a file last night and it printed perfect.  I tried to print the same file again today and it would not stick.  I redid a manual level on the bed and tried printing different files but nothing will stick. I have tried painters tape, glue stick and even and acetone mix. Does anyone have any ideas?



  • The filament is sputtering.  Why would it be doing this?
  • If your filament contains too much water it starts sputtering. You can dry it in a oven at 50°C for a few hours and see if it gets better. Some filaments are very hygroscopic.

    PLA normally sticks well to painters tape and glue stick. Heated bed until 50°C helps. If bed is too hot it does not stick any more.
  • I tried all my filaments and they did the same thing. I keep my filaments in a Ziploc bag with the moisture packets. The plastic comes out of the nozzle fine when I load a new filament. All I have is abs.

  • I got it working there was something wrong with the software on the printer or on the Raspberry Pi.  Now it working great. Thanks for the help.  I will keep the oven thing in mind.
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