Send ETA to LCD

It's be nice if ETA/ETE could be sent to the printer's LCD panel just like Repetier-Host does. What differs in Repetier-Server?


  • Maybe for 0.80. 0.70 is feature closed. We didn't do it initally thinking server would replace LCD, but that is often the case as we learned.
  • Hello, using 0.75.1 Pro here
    -> seems to me it got in anyways ;-)

    BUT there might be a bug or two:
    20:11:22.400: N47691 G1 X59.781 Y45.239 E1405.00424
    20:11:22.478: N47692 G1 X59.397 Y45.424 E1405.01354
    20:11:22.479: N47693 G1 X57.280 Y46.646 E1405.06690
    20:11:22.480: M117 ETE 04:45:06
    20:11:22.671: N47694 G1 X55.234 Y48.036 E1405.12088
    20:11:22.833: N47695 G1 X53.286 Y49.580 E1405.17514
    20:11:22.835: N47696 G0 F3420 X53.513 Y49.846
    20:11:22.835: echo:Unknown command: "45"
    20:11:22.837: N47697 G1 F2160 X51.694 Y51.523 E1405.22914
    20:11:22.838: echo:Unknown command: "06"
    20:11:22.838: N47698 G1 X49.917 Y53.424 E1405.28594
    20:11:22.842: N47699 G1 X48.433 Y55.285 E1405.33789
    20:11:22.843: N47700 G1 X47.008 Y57.363 E1405.39289

    on the display you see just "ETE 04" or "ETA xx", "Layer xx/yy" is displayed correctly.
    I'm NOT sure whether these errors are related to this bug or there's something fishy going on with my printer:
    20:11:53.590: Resend: N48198 G1 X107.277 Y65.060 E1422.31909
    20:11:53.591: Resend: N48199 G1 X106.842 Y63.677 E1422.35074
    20:11:53.591: N48200 M105
    20:11:53.592: N48201 G1 X105.963 Y61.461 E1422.40277
    20:11:53.597: N48202 G1 X104.761 Y58.980 E1422.46295
    20:11:53.598: N48203 G1 X104.082 Y57.822 E1422.49225
    20:11:53.614: N48204 G1 X103.431 Y56.722 E1422.52015
    20:11:53.713: N48205 G1 X102.996 Y56.095 E1422.53680
    20:11:53.713: Error:checksum mismatch, Last Line: 48202
    20:11:53.825: Resend: N48203 G1 X104.082 Y57.822 E1422.49225
    20:11:53.825: Resend: 48203
    20:11:53.826: Resend: N48204 G1 X103.431 Y56.722 E1422.52015
    20:11:53.827: Resend: N48205 G1 X102.996 Y56.095 E1422.53680
    20:11:53.827: Error:Line Number is not Last Line Number+1, Last Line: 48202
    20:12:13.019: echo:Unknown command: "56"
    20:12:13.020: echo:Unknown command: "28 day 15"
    20:12:13.208: Error:checksum mismatch, Last Line: 48545
    20:12:13.318: Resend: 48546
    20:12:13.369: Error:Line Number is not Last Line Number+1, Last Line: 48545
    20:12:13.478: Resend: 48546
    20:12:13.488: Error:Line Number is not Last Line Number+1, Last Line: 48545
    20:12:13.599: Resend: 48546
    20:12:13.610: Error:Line Number is not Last Line Number+1, Last Line: 48545
    20:12:13.610: Resend after 401ms
    20:12:13.720: Resend: 48546
    20:12:22.930: echo:Unknown command: "44"
    20:12:22.933: echo:Unknown command: "06"
    20:12:23.128: Error:checksum mismatch, Last Line: 48681
    20:12:23.237: Resend: 48682
    20:12:43.084: echo:Unknown command: "56"
    20:12:43.087: echo:Unknown command: "28 day 15"
    20:12:43.403: Error:checksum mismatch, Last Line: 49029
    20:12:43.516: Resend: 49030
    20:12:49.093: N49147 G1 X94.481 Y103.341 E1454.09395
    20:12:49.094: N49148 G1 X92.355 Y104.692 E1454.14893
    20:12:49.284: N49149 G1 X90.137 Y105.883 E1454.20388
    20:12:49.285: N49150 G1 X87.849 Y106.903 E1454.25856
    20:12:49.444: N49151 G1 X85.458 Y107.765 E1454.31404
    20:12:49.445: N49152 G1 X83.055 Y108.439 E1454.36851
    20:12:49.571: N49153 G1 X80.570 Y108.942 E1454.42385
    20:12:49.572: N49154 G1 X78.068 Y109.261 E1454.47890
    20:12:49.579: N49155 M105
    20:12:49.760: N49156 G1 X75.562 Y109.396 E1454.53368
    20:12:49.854: N49157 G1 X73.038 Y109.347 E1454.58878
    20:12:50.042: N49158 G1 X71.005 Y109.160 E1454.63334
    20:12:50.051: N49159 G1 X70.523 Y109.114 E1454.64391
    20:12:50.052: N49160 G1 X68.143 Y108.718 E1454.69657
    20:12:50.136: N49161 G1 X67.420 Y108.551 E1454.71277
    20:12:50.140: N49162 G1 X65.579 Y108.098 E1454.75415
    20:12:50.230: N49163 G1 X64.617 Y107.786 E1454.77623
    20:12:50.234: N49164 G1 X63.169 Y107.313 E1454.80948
    20:12:50.423: N49165 G1 X60.811 Y106.350 E1454.86507
    20:12:50.424: N49166 G1 X59.672 Y105.786 E1454.89281
    20:12:50.546: N49167 G1 X58.526 Y105.213 E1454.92078

    Please contact me directly via email if you need more infos.

    all the best and please *do* continue, Repetier is by far the best of all kits I've seen so far.


  • That is a problem with older marlin firmware (and also repetier if using ascii mode). There : is a command separation sign so the time gets several commands. Next release therefore replaces in ascii mode the : with . which looks a bit strange but at least causes no errors then. Until then select "show layer" instead of time or rotation. Or update to a newer marlin version where the ":" handling on serial has been removed (not sure when, RC version does have it removed).
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