Strange behaviour in MAC El Capitan OS

Have had problems with USB disconnecting intermittently since upgrading to El Capitan.  Read an article on resetting the SMC controller and performed the reset.

Since doing the reset, I can no longer get either of the set temperature commands to work even though everything else works.  I can move X,Y, and Z with no problem.  Nothing in the error log either.

It is only the bed/extruder set temp commands that refuse to be accepted by the hardware.

Yet, if I open a virtual window with Windows 7 installation, everything works in windows, which is using the same physical USB port.

I have no idea what to do next short of formatting the MAC hard drive and trying to get back to the previous operating system that worked and never had any of these problems.

Any suggestions would be appreciated...


  • It is not up to the mac to interpret data send. So why should it let pass G1 moves and block M104? That makes no sense. 

    I think you have enabled dry run in the debug options which does what you describe.
  • Ahhhhh.  Dry Run was enabled.  Thank you.  
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