pan/tilt for webcam


I plan to add a cam to my raspberry pi and wondered if pan/tilt control is in the works?


  • While we have expended webcam functions, there is no os independent interface for pan/tilt. In fact most webcams can not do it at all. So it is not a thing we can write for all cams. Cams that support this normally come with a web interface for this. You could add custom commands to do this or write a special plugin for your special webcam if really needed inside the server interface.
  • i just planned to hook servos to the pi.... 
  • That is what I mean. One has servos, one fixed and others cam with buildin servos controlled by special commands. There are so many solutions that it is impossible to have "THE" interface for pan/tilt. Maybe later we add the possibility to add 4 commands for this that get executed externally, so everyone can implement his special solution.
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