Setting up a Printer Lab

I am trying to help set up the 3D printer lab at our makerspace, and I have some questions that I can't seem to find the answers to:
For background, I have 8 printers: 5 Prusa-style repraps, and Mendel Max, A Rostock Max, and a Form 1+.  The Prusas are in one room, and the others are in a different room.

1) Does Repetier Server work with the Form Labs printers?  I see nothing that says it does, so I expect the answer to be "No."

2) Do all the printers have to be connected to the same computer by USB?  Can I run one computer for each room, or can I hook each one up to its own Raspberry Pi?

3) If I buy the Pro version of the server, is it licensed by site (one purchase for all computers and printers at my place) or by computer (one purchase for each computer running it) or for a certain number of users/printers?

4) If I purchase the Pro Version, will it work with the Raspberry Pi cam, or just USB Cameras?

5) If I have to use a single computer, can I assign individual web cameras to specific printers?

I appreciate any help with these answers, and I hope to hear from you soon!

-Andy Hasara


  • 1) Needs reprap firmware, so no.

    2) You need to connect printer with usb. It is not importnant how many. So if you have 4 in reach you can handle 4 with one pi 2. Just watch out with usb current they draw. 2 Rooms and one pi is hard sicne it requires long usb cables and that is often error prone.
    3) It is licened to the buyer to be installed on up to 5 devices. It is not importnant how many users connect/use the devices.

    4) Cam is only read via ip. So use mjpeg for pi cam and you are fine.

    5) Each printer can be assigned a own webcam. With your setup use at least a pi 2 since webcams also draw some cpu time, so the better cpu performance comes good.

  • Thank you for your help!
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