Does Repetier recognise G20 and G21 commands?
I tried to view G-code generated with LineGrinder (which uses inches in G-code), and the scale of th emovements were too small.
I edited the G-code by changing G20 to G21 and reloaded the code, but the scale of the print preview didn't change.
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  • Firmware does, and after checking the host I see that it does not support switching to inches. Mostly I think since all slicers use mm, nobody registered it so far. So please ignore wrong scaling until it is implemented.
  • OK, Thanks :-)
  • I have the same problem. For example, I want to move 5mm with the code G1 X5  and  the printer do not move 5mm, she moves 5cm. What can do you do?
  • Without context it could be absolute vs. relative position mode.

    If you are in relative mode and send G1 X5 and units are mm then your steps per mm are way too high (factor 10).
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