Temperature graph for 2nd extruder

First of all thank you for your great programs. I'm using host and firmware and I plan to setup a rPI with server too. So.. Great work!

I just finished building my 2 extruders printer and.. I noticed that the temperature graph inside repetier host shows only the temperature of the first one (it detects, however, that there are two extruders and lets me view and set the temperatures for both).

Can you add the second extruder to the graph?

Thank you


  • The graph always shows the active extruder not the first. The others are not so interesting while in standby. Use the server if you need to see all graphs in parallel. It is not clear if we will add this feature to the host. It was not designed to do that.
  • Well, the other is not in standby, it's on. So I'd like to monitor both temperatures, like I can do for extruder and heatbed...

    In the future I'll move to server, but even then I'll use host to upload files and so probably I'd want to monitor the temperatures also from there... I think this is a really simple edit to make, since it's just another line on the graph. Isn't it?
  • No it isn't easy because we do not store the data and we have only one graph. With 2 lines you need to graphs to distinguish them. So it is at least a day work to modify all code parts involved and change the menus to select and switch between several graphs.

    What you always see is at the bottom all temperatures..
  • Sorry but.. Isn't it the same as adding the heatbed temperature graph? Since now you are plotting two (groups of) lines (extruder and heatbed) I assume somewhere you are pushing the current extruder and the heatbed temperatures in the graph. Instead of pushing these two values, you have to push the three values.

    It'll be easier for you, since you don't have to remember which is the current extruder. It'll be easier to read, because now on the graph you have no way to understand if the line was extruder 1 or 2. And you don't have to store the data

    Then, if you say it's a hard work I have to believe you, since I did not read the code (and it'll take me ages to understand how and where you are pushing the data to the graph... 
  • Bed graph was planned this way making it easy. I didn't say it is difficult it is more much work to do.
  • Ok, then if in the future you'll work again on this, I think it'll be a really appreciated feature (at least by me ;) )

    After all, a lot of printers are starting to give multi-extruder support, so monitoring them all will be more and more requested.

    Thank you anyway for this (or better, these) program!
  • It would be very useful to me too!  I tried switching in the Manual tab to the second extruder, but that messes up the print.  

    It could use the same scale/graph area as the first extruder, as the ranges are likely to be similar.
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