(re)render in selected color

I like to render my prints in the color I am going to print it.

It would be nice if i could select a print, choose a color, and let it render again in the selected color,
At this moment, I just change the default color before an upload.

I have setup a VMware VM with repetier-server and connected to it from my Pi server trough the API to see if rendering would be offloaded to the VM, this is not the case for now. Will this come in the future?


  • We are thinking about adding a color host command to force rendering in a special color.

    Cloud rendering will be implemented in the next release 0.70. It is already working in our tests.

  • Thats great, thanks!

    With cloud rendering, you mean render the image on an VM (hosted myself).?
  • Yes, on one of your computers. Not necessary a VM, your pc will do fine. After all we have the server for all common os and it is allowed to mix os for cloud service. In my case I have a Raspberry Pi 2 and render on on Mac.
  • Sometimes, I forget how much of a nerd I am, and that itsn;t normal to run a 19" rack in your home for most people :)

    But, when you say cloud rendering, i refer to that als rendering in a repetier (company) hosted cloud.

    I think it is a really nice and powerfull feature, that really makes this software 'next-gen'.
    Can wait till we can slices STL's!

    I might be a bit ahead of thing now, but: can we expect an integration with thingiverse in the feature? (maybe an chrome plugin or something?). 
  • Thingiverse has an open API to use it. We plan at least direct import of stl files from thingiverse at some stage. But first of course slicing, then improving ways to exchange.
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