updated to repetier host 1.6.0 y axis sputters back an forth

So yeah title  says I i bout a OneUp printer back in July have some issues here and there but now I updated repetier today and no the y axis just sputters if it moves at all. I've checked the connection to the rampus board an its fine.


  • Moves are handled inside the firmware not the host. So open log and if the command gets send it is a firmware/hardware problem. If you see errors in the log we can discuss this further.
  • I went back to try and get the last version I knew work now I'm getting an error that reads "The connection failed with the following error: Access to the port 'COM3' is denied.. Make sure your printer is connected, enabled and connection data is set correct. Open printer settings?" When i do all my settings haven't changed from when i set it up the first time. I should note that I went back to V.95 through 1.5.6.
  • ok got it connected by uninstalling repetier sever.  and it work seems to work even after uninstalling server out of the blue. it wasnt working then it did 
  • Server can prevent connection if you have configured it to connect. Then you need to cennect with host using repetier-server connector not with serial connection. Only one software should talk with the printer and normally windows also prevents this.
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