Check if Z-Probe is engaged

I have a simple z-probe that needs to be removed before printing. Is there a feature or starting code that could check the z-probe at the beginning of a print and pause or kill print if it activates?


  • No it does not exist. For most z probes there is no signal to detect this, some do not interphere and others get disabled automatically after homing. And apart from this it is not so easy to say if a move is for probing or from print. Except maybe extrusion moves but even these might occur in some cases.
  • I was just thinking of a simple script to run at the beginning of each print that sends a command similar to G30. If the z-probe hits, it stops printing. If it does not hit and goes say 1mm below the z-probe height in eeprom it continues with print. I guess I just need to try to remember to remove it before printing.
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