How to do proxying Repetier-Server with nginx? (Repetier-Host connection issues)

edited November 2015 in Repetier-Server
I have Repetier-Server installed on a Raspberry Pi. I would like to proxy Repetier-Server with nginx due to some advanced restrictions and security policies I have to implement (e.g. https, source address restrictions, logging). I successfully managed to get the browser user interface working (including WebSockets). Unfortunately I did not get managed to connect Repetier-Host to Repetier-Server. Again: the Repetier-Server browser user interface works fine.

How to configure nginx proxy to make Repetier-Host able to reach Repetier-Server?


  • Host uses the same interface as the web frontend, so if webfrontend works the only question remains is if host supports https, and here I have to say no. You select ip and port and host selects http protocol. So you need to offer http protocol as well or make a tunnel.
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