Zonestar Prusa i3 P802 y axis move in one direction

i have Zonestar Prusa i3 P802
i just assemble my printer .
when i manually testing there movement ,

im facing problem in my Y-axis .it move in one direction so i replace
y-axis stepper with x-axis stepper,after that my y axis work properly
but same problem is started with x-axis.if you have any solution plzz
guide me im new in 3d printing


  • Depends on what you switched. Did you switch stepper drivers in firmware, physical or the motor connectors? For diagnosis you must be very precise.

    - Stepper driver defect. Replacing a driver in place fixes the problem.
    - Endstop triggers so firmware prevents move. Check if M119 shows all L. If Y endstop is H motor will not move in endstop direction.
    - Defect board. Use extra extruder driver socket for y instead.

    Just some tests and ideas what could be wrong.
  • i switch motor connectors

    i switched y axis motor with x axis .

    sorry but im a armature i dont know proper process to solve problem du i get any solution or google link

    thanks for fast reply
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