Installing Repetier Server 0.65.0 Linux armhf fails:

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I'm trying to install Repetier Server 0.65.0 on my Raspberry Pi B (1 GHz, 512 MB RAM, Raspbian 8 aka Debian Jessie).

During the installation process the deb installer (armhf version) from yells about unknown groups but I ignored this due to installer advice. After "successful" installation the installer wanted to start Repetier Server and failed:
Nov  8 18:17:14 sk4111davinci RepetierServer[474]: Starting Repetier-Server: rsdSegmentation fault
Nov 8 18:17:14 sk4111davinci RepetierServer[474]: failed!
Nov 8 18:17:14 sk4111davinci systemd[1]: RepetierServer.service: control process exited, code=exited status=139
Nov 8 18:17:14 sk4111davinci systemd[1]: Failed to start LSB: Init script for Repetier-Server.
Nov 8 18:17:14 sk4111davinci systemd[1]: Unit RepetierServer.service entered failed state.
Raspbian is using armhf as of aptitude is using it:
Treffer jessie/main armhf Packages
Is there anyone who could install Repetier Server on Raspbian using armhf?


  • I just tried the armel package and it seems to work. But it is odd because Raspbian uses armhf packages!
  • The Raspberry Pi B is not a full arm hf architecture and it can more then normal arm el. It is something in between and I guess the new raspbian accounts for that difference like it did with el, meaning it does not compile uncompatible code for the processor.

    Our arm hf is compiled on a real arm hf and not with debian, so it uses all commands allowed also the one not implemented on old Raspberrys. It therefore only works with real hf hardware like the Raspberry Pi 2. That is why onle our el version works for you.
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