Repetier Host & Slic3r - how to split a large STL file

So I want to print a model from thingiverse which consists of multiple parts that are fot together after printing. However, the author has combined all parts in one single large STL file which is larger than my heated bed.

I am using repetier firmware with repetier host and slic3r.

I found that Slic3r has the ability to split parge stl files in parts. However, I couldtn't find the option in repetier host. Could anyone help me?



  • You can't in host. I use meshmixer to split big objects. They have great boolean operators for this.

    If slic3r supports this you need to do it directly in it, means start slic3r import and slice there, then load it into Repetier-Host.
  • Will do, thanks. I used netfabb for this but the free basic version is far from perfect.
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