Trouble running prints on SD card from Repetier-Host

So i have just decided to start using the SD funtionality of my i3 after a few mid print freeze ups due to some hiccups with serial communication from my pc to printer. so i decided to use the cached print option. but it keeps spitting out
00:47:12.089 : echo:Now fresh file: wall.gco
00:47:12.089 : open failed, File: wall.gco .
nomatter if its when i select cached print, or try and start a print based off of the SD card with Host. but the prints can be selected with the LCD on the printer and printed fine. any ideas?


  • Looks a bit like Marlin (right?) expects a different file name since it tells something about a fresh file. Could you show commands and then send the start print command again in uppercase letters. I have the feeling that this might be the problem.

    What Marlin version are you using?
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