Import from USB Stick

I hope this is not a really daft question, as it has been a long time since I have used Repetier-Server on my Raspberry Pi.

I am running Repetier-Server Pro 1.4.17 

I am trying to import a file from a USB stick.  When I press Import I get a list of USB options -


It doesn't matter where I have inserted my USB stick (any one of 4 USB ports on the Pi) If I select USB-1 I see "Folder:/"
There are no files listed though.  I have an .stl file and a .gcode file in the root directory and also in a sub folder.
If I remove the USB stick and select USB-1 I will see "Folder:" (no "/" )

If I select USB-2 or USB-3 they always show "Folder:"  (no "/") whether the USB Stick is inserted or not.

I am sure this used to work fine.  However, as it has been so long since I have used it perhaps I am missing something really basic?

Can anyone help?
Many thanks


  • That is how it is supposed to work. We have in out images an automounter mounting usb sticks to special folders where USB-1 - 3 point to. To inverstigate login to linux (ss or server terminal) and enter 
    to see all mounted devices. Insert usb stick and see if new mount point appear. If not check syslog at that time for error messages e.g. unsupported format on usb stick.
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