OpenGL error:StackOverflow

I've just installed OpenGL 2.0 (last Intel G965 Express driver). And then I've black 3d view area (looks similar to
I've tried 32\16 bit mode and new\legacy 3d library. 

OpenGL version:2.0.0 - Build
OpenGL renderer:Intel 965/963 Graphics Media Accelerator
Using fast VB0s for rendering is possible
show travel & manually move on axis 
OpenGL error:StackOverflow
drawmoves: 3d visualization disabled due to OpenGL error
Out of video memory - disabling filemant visualization

Interesting, that 1.0.6 version doesn't have such problem on my PC, but render is very slow.
Rhinoceros 4 works fine with that driver...



  • Please try this version

    Here I have all push blocks put into finally statements so stack keeps balanced and should not produce the overflow.

    Big question is still how and where your version creates the imbalance as it does normally not happen. Are there any more messages in the log that could give a hint? Is the new version behaving better?
  • Thanks for answer.

    I use 1.5.6 version from site in my first post in topic.
    I've tried the 1.5.6 version from your link and 1.6 version from site - unfortunately the result is the same, but without any errors in log :(

    Could you please give an advice me, how to understand what is a possible cause of my problem?
  • OpenGL has a stack of transformation matrixes. There you can push and pop new transformations. If you stack more then maximum number of matrixes you get the StackOverflow error. At startup there is only one matrix on each stack and later on max. 3 and others including me have no problems with this. What I  have done is making sure the do not stack up also they never did for me. So I'm not sure why this is a problem for you.
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