Repetier Informer App does not show notifications on iPhone

Hope this is the right forum.
The problem I am having with Repetier Informer App is that the notifications from Repetier Server (0.65.0 running on Raspberry Pi 2) do not show up in Notification Centre. 

In Settings->Notifications->Repetier-Informer all options (Allow Notifications, Show in Notification Centre, Sounds, Badge App Icon & Show on Lock Screen) are enabled. Notification style is 'Banner'. The notifications only appear in Repetier-Informer app when I open the app itself. 

What is funny though is that initially it was all working OK. Then after few days it stopped. The messages from print events and 'Send Test Message' do get delivered to the app on the iPhone, indicating to me that the informer group membership is correct, the repetier-server is configured correctly and always has access to Internet. 

I have tried to remove the app and install it again. Using it on iPhone 5s running iOS 9.1

Any idea what is wrong? Has anyone encountered this problem?


  • Sorry, the problem was on our side. Should work now.
  • Many thanks. It works now. Since I purchased Repetier-Server and Repetier-Informer I've come to rely on them in my everyday's printing. They work like a charm.

    Once again - many thanks.

    Kind regards,
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