Printer Stops / Server Unresponsive

I recently switched from OctoPrint and have a single printer connected to a Raspberry Pi 3b running the Lite server.  I made the switch because I have a second printer on the way and want to run them both from a single machine.  So far I am really impressed with the functionality and capabilities of the Repetier solution.

That said, I have had three instances now where a print job will be running and then stop mid-print.  When this happens the server is also completely unresponsive so I can only manually restart the pi and toss the work in progress.  I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to troubleshoot what is causing this crash or if I should just jump to using an old micro-desktop running the Linux server.

Is it worth troubleshooting?


  • The server it self should stay responsive even if there are printer issues. What version are you using? 1.4.17 has all known issues causing this fixed. Could still be a new issue or something unrelated.

    If it is on latest, can you still login to pi over shh and check e.g. with
    if some process uses lots of memory/cpu.
  • I'm running 1.4.17, just installed the about a week ago and checked for latest version.  When the print stops the server no longer responds on the web interface.

    Running top I do see some odd entries - a number of lines for chromium-browse.

    Note the server is currently idle and not connected to the printer.  The machine is headless as well.

      960 repetie+   0 -20   42736  12024   5288 S   4.3   1.3   3:35.47 RepetierServer            
     1705 pi        20   0  466088 130476 100980 S   2.6  13.8   6:00.44 chromium-browse           
     1651 pi        20   0  371696  66080  57248 S   2.0   7.0   0:32.61 chromium-browse           
     1449 pi        20   0  682192 132652 107272 S   1.3  14.1   0:51.25 chromium-browse           
    21592 root       0 -20       0      0      0 I   1.0   0.0   0:03.67 kworker/u14:2-uvcvideo    
    22556 pi        20   0   12300   4608   2688 R   1.0   0.5   0:01.30 top                       
       70 root       0 -20       0      0      0 I   0.3   0.0   0:12.77 kworker/u13:0-brcmf_wq/m+ 
      426 root      20   0       0      0      0 S   0.3   0.0   0:02.02 brcmf_wdog/mmc1:0001:1    
     1064 haproxy   20   0  133056  38892   3072 S   0.3   4.1   0:03.34 haproxy                   
     1609 pi        20   0  596260  82064  59532 S   0.3   8.7   0:11.93 chromium-browse 
  • Default is to start xwindows with chrome for touch screen. Run repetier-setup to change that this does not get started (3 Touchscreen).

    What you have sounds like a dead lock. To verify I would need a backtrace of all threads. See
    on how to create it. With that I can say if this is a dead lock and also fix it. Unfortunately some depend on special conditions and will only happen if someone has this.
  • Okay, I have updated for headless and will start the same job to see if it locks again.  I will update this thread if I see the problem continue.

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