how to change default webcam port

hi, i have a ubuntu server running the repetier server and wanted to add the webcam functionality, but i have another service running on port 8080 already, i followed the supplied tutorial: but it does not say where i could change from the default 8080. 

any help will be appreciated thanks !


  • It is controlled by this code part in mjpgStart
    if [ ! -d "../etc/webcam_ports" ]; then
    mkdir ../etc/webcam_ports
    echo "8079" >../etc/webcam_ports/last_port
    if [ ! -f "../etc/webcam_ports/last_port" ]; then
    echo "8079" >../etc/webcam_ports/last_port
    easiest solution is to delete all files in /usr/local/Repetier-Setup/etc/webcam_ports/ and
    then run echo
    echo "8090" > /usr/local/Repetier-Setup/etc/webcam_ports/last_port
    to make it start at 8091 for example. Run startAllCams again to assign the ip numbers.

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