How to edit start.gcode

I have installed Repetier-Host version 1.5.6 on Windows 8.1 64 bit.

The Tabs available to me on the right-hand side of the screen are:
Object Placement
Print Preview
G-Code Editor
Manual Control
SD Card

The image in the documentation at:
has two fewer Tabs – it does not have Tabs for Print Preview or SD Card.

When I select the G-Code Editor Tab I see another sub-toolbar with the 7 icons on it, but my screen does not have the G-code drop-down list to the right of the Redo icon.

I can't find any way of viewing and editing Start Code only.

It appears that that documentation is not for the latest 1.5.6 version of Repetier-Host.

Please advise.


  • These scripts are now under "printer settings -> scripts" since they are stored with the printer and are bound to the printer.
  • Thank you.

    When will the user manual be upgraded to reflect the layout/GUI changes in Repetier-Host v1.5.6? 

    One would never find that location from the currently posted manual.

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