Rendering never completes after Upgrade to 1.4.16

Ever Since I upgraded to 1.4.16 my uploaded fires don't render.

Everything works fine, the time estimates are OK, it just won't render the previews.

Where do I look to fix this, please??

Win11 22H2  lots of memory and nothing has changed from before the upgrade....


  • I just tested my windows 1.4.16 and it worked, so it is not a general issue. What is your connectivity setting? Do you have other servers installed and do you render externally? That might be a problem if other version is too old and does not understand new gcode render format.

    If that is not the case, can you post a g-code that does not work. Maybe there is something in it that makes it fail.

    Also see please server.log (in log files) there you see if renderer is started and more info on how it was done.
  • I upgraded from 1.14.15, so it was only one version upgrade…

    Where do I find the server logs?

    Old gcode files that rendered fine, no longer render at all… so something got bolluxed up in my system… I will look specifically at then link between units and see if it trying to farm out the rendering...

  • In every printer page you can go in priner menu to logs and download server.log.

    You should also check in troubleshooting page from main menu. If a process is blocking for some reason following processes will not start. There you can skip that job.
  • I looked a recent log for a run that didn't render... there was nothing in the logs labeled "render".  It starts with the start sequence, and them moves to printing.  The 3d preview and 3d image work fine, as does the 3d contol view, it is only the Print menue/preview that is not rendering.
  • Ok, I found the server logs...
    It says "repetier render not found" after the upgrade...

    [02.05.2024 13:51:31] : LUA error calling handleAction:...iles (x86)\Repetier-Server\modules\server\lua\render.lua:198: bad argument #-1 to 'loadJSONFile' (string expected, got nil)

    what do in need to do?  Re-load/reinstall Repetier?
  • Ok, I see that error also it would not cause not rendering. This one happens if you click on reset rendering to defaults and causes it to return no data. My goes is that you saved anyway causing an invalid setting preventing rendering then. So until next release do not reset again. To solve copy the original file manually and restart server. Looks like windows version, so original is in c:\Program Files (x86)\Repetier-Server\modules\server\data\renderer.json and you must copy it to C:\ProgramData\Repetier-Server\database
  • Ok...
    By reset do you mean a reboot or something else??

    I have been having issues with windows and other programs forcing restarts on overnight updates even if I have updates paused for 5 weeks.  They are sneaking through, lost a 2+ day print to a reboot...

    the powerfail restart only works if the print head didn't move, no way to re-home the Z if the model is the in the way. Managed to recover one with really carefull measuments and manually setting the z-height
  • Ooops, forgot a question.  Once I move the Jason file, can I force a re-render so that all the unrendered  gcode files get rendered?

  • In global settings->preview Images is a button to force rerendering all images. 
  • Restarting windows would be ok, but restartin Repetier-Server service is enough to make it reread everything.

    Reboots of windows is a real problem as it can not be stopped once windows decides it is time. That is why prefer a raspberry pi with  Repetier-Server with linux not doing such stuff plus I can shutdown windows even during a print.
  • Ok, how can I restart windows without restarting repetier server?

    would re-installing help?

  • You mean restarting server without restarting windows I think. In services find Repetier-Server service and select restart. There is also a script in Repetier-Server start menu for Start Server and Stop Server doing the same.
  • No, sorry didn't make myself clear.

    If I re-start Windows, it -will- re-start Repetier automatically.

    Am I better doing a re-install to clean up the Jason files any my setting?

  • No reinstall will not help since file exists and is just defect. Only replacing it with correct file will help so the copy command is all you need. Next week we release 1.4.17 where yiu can also run reset default correctly to repair it.
  • I look forward to the upgrade.
    I copied the file and as soon as I started Repetier, it started rebuilding, unsuccessfully.  Everything works, just no previews...
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