show printer tools at front2

any idea to bring the added printer tools to the screen of the printer status when printing on the frontend front2 module? or is needed a frontend customization to achieve what I want?


  • What do you mean with "The added printer tools"?
    front2 is an independent gui not meant to replace everything, but should contain anything to control it locally on an lcd display.
  • I mean printer tools as the tools on the tools tab on the printer configuration screen;
    what are these tab for? how do you bring info or actions from a printer here?
  • These are just temperatures with selectable icon and you can see them in front2 already. Also in status and print status page you should see them (extruder/bed/chamber/sensor).

    Exception is heated chamber where we found a bug in print status.
  • mkrmkr
    edited April 25
    nice! really thank you! @Repetier

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