"Software Power" option

Can someone explain how the Software Power option in the printer -> features section works?  I cant find any documentation about it.

What Id like to be able to do is to use the GPIO(s) on my linux board to turn the power on and off to my printer.  (ie before i start a print, and after it is done)  Ive got a transistor switch hooked up into the power switch, which when testing works fine.  To modify the GPIO values, it requires console access, so i can write bash scripts to power the GPIO on and off to do this, and then use the @execute and extcommands.xml to accomplish this, but can these execute commands be bound to the 'power on' and 'power off' procedures from the Software Power option?

TL;DR: What does the Software Power option do?


  • Software power toggles the ATX pin of your board. So if you have a ATX power unit from a PC this allows to enable full power. 

    You can not overwrite this button, but you can add new commands for the main menu to call a script. See documentation where we explain how to add reboot and shutdown to the menu.
  • Alright, that sounds easier than using the GPIOs then.
    So ive got a RAMBo board, according to the RepRap wiki,

    I would put a jumper on the USB "Power-Select" headers, then route my green/black switch wires from the ATX psu to the violet "PS_ON" plug?
  • Powering from USB is good, otherwise the board could not run.

    Which color the pin has on ATX I can not say. But you find ATX header descriptions that should make it easy to detect the right one.
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