No EEPROM in the Touchscreen menu

I have problem with new version of Repetier-Server. After update to version 1.4.16 i have no EEPROM in Settings. Why it's missing and can I add it back?

Thanks for any help. 


  • To show my problem see the pictures below. 
  • It's a bug in repetier-server.xml where the permission for eeprom should be
    <!-- EEPROM Editor -->
    You can change it manually or in ssh terminal run
    to install the fixed version.
  • It's working now. Thanks for your help. 
  • Good morning,
    I (unfortunately) have exactly the same problem, but I only have a rudimentary knowledge of Linux.
    What exactly do I have to do to get the icon displayed again?

    Thanks in advance, Dietmar

  • If you are using a recent Rasperry pi image from us login to linux using
    ssh pi@ip-number with password (raspberry). Then enter
    then reload touch interface with reload icon on home screen.
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