Server won't run on windows xp!

Hello, I am trying to run repetier server on my xp server. It installs but won't run! It crashes when I start the server! I have tried on two different servers and a virtual machine on windows 7. It crashes on all 3 of the XP boxes! I have also tried old versions of the server software with no luck! Doesn't repetier-server work on XP? Has anyone got sugestions please?


  • It won't run on my XP Laptop either.
  • I've installed Repetier Server v0.65 to my XP netbook. The service is not been installed. I don't get any
    (error) messages at all. When I tried to execute the binary files
    RepetierInstaller.exe, RepetierServer.exe and RepetierRenderer.exe in
    the program directory manually I've got the error message "... is not a
    valid Win32 executable".
  • I see that the latest update now supports XP. It works great in my virtual box but not on my server! I think it must be because the processor doesn't support SSE2, it's a pentium 3. Is there anything anyone can do or will it not be possible to run it on this machine? Thanks.
  • I guess pentium 3 is simply too old. After all, all other must also run the code and reducing to no sse would affect speed for all.
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