No support for overhang

Hi,I'm trying to print this part with support for the overhang.  Overhang angle setting is 1 degree but Cura won't generate support under the overhang.Are there certain limitations to Cura's ability to create support?



  • In the right tab select support "everywhere" instead of "touching bed".
  • "Everywhere" is selected.  It seems Cura is selective in what overhangs it will support.  I've sliced multiple parts and it doesn't pick up all the overhangs.

    Anyone else have this issue?
  • Over a year later and I'd also like to state I still have a problem with this.  Specifically I noticed the problem recently when I got an 0.8mm nozzle thinking it could make my prints faster.  Some overhangs which worked out perfectly with my 0.4mm nozzle are completely ignored when increasing it to the new 0.8mm.  The overhangs in question are about 5mm, so we're not talking some tiny little gap, nor is the angle a problem as in one case it is not just an overhang but air printing.  Anything further than that aprox. 5mm from the main body and it has no problem generating a support that butts right up against the main body.
    Why would the nozzle diameter make such a huge difference?  Any ideas how to get cura to generate support as if it were a 0.4mm nozzle, but the rest on a 0.8mm nozzle schedule?
  • Not really. CuraEngine is an external software not developed by us, so I can not say anything about such special behavior.
  • Fair enough. Any idea how to contact anyone who would be able to help then?  Because as near as I can tell no such support line exists, all attempts to google for it leads here.
  • I don't think that CuraEngine will change. They have started a new version now with completely different config handling that is incompatible. So a fix may only come when we switch to the new system. In general it is Ultimaker developing the CuraEngine.
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