REGEX Troubles... Can't find any examples

I am trying to use replacements function of Repetier, to be able to use the Linear advance function of Marlin's Fixed Time Motion.
I have say: "M900 K0.00005"  I need it to change to "M493 K0.00005". ; is not of much help as according to it I dont have to write anything but it will still copy the number to the replacement.. 
So I need just the M900 part replaced with M493.

Can anyone help?


  • ^M900 K(\d\.?\d*)
    would match it and @1 holds the number of K part as it is in first group ()
  • Thank You.  Will try it out :
    Regular Expression:   ^M900 K(\d\.?\d*)  for 
    G-Code to execute:     M493 K@1 
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