How do I connect my Repetier-Server to a hidden WiFi?

Is it possible to connect my Repetier instance to a hidden WLAN network? If so, how? I'm using Repetier (current version) on a Raspberry Pi and an option to manually enter an SSID and PSK doesn't seem to exist. I also checked the config.txt file and couldn't find where a WLAN network could be manually defined. Am I overlooking something? Would really appreciate some help! 


  • You need to manually define it as described in in /boot/firmware

    - Bypass the Wi-Fi configuration through Repetier-Server.
      If a file "/boot/firmware/ManualWifi.conf"
      exists, we will copy this file for Wi-Fi configuration and prevent modification
      of Wi-Fi settings by Repetier-Server. The /boot/firmware folder is also accessible if you mount the sd card
      on a Windows computer, so it can be defined without direct access. Make sure to use unix line encoding!
      There is a sample config file "/boot/firmware/ManualWifi.conf.sample" for convenience.

    Then you bypass our solution and can do anything you want or need.
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