X axis Geeetech Mizar Max

I recently bought a Geeetech Mizar Max 3D printer and all seems to be OK, except for one thing:
the Home for the X axis is set to the right, at +320 instead of left, to 0. 
The controls work as they should, meaning that when I order the head to move left it moves left and when I order the head to move right, it moves to the right. But, when homing the X axis, it goes to +320, meaning to the right side of the machine.

I tried to use Repetier-Host to invert the X axis motion to the left but with no success.

I asked the folks from Geeetech for a solution but they haven't answered anything.

To reprogram the board using Marlin would be a tricky thing because the board is one made "in-home" by the ones from Geetech and there's no documentation available for this board and as I mentioned, they never gave me an answer to my request.

Now, I try to find help here, in the Repetier-Host community.

All I need is to invert the homing direction for the X axis of the machine. Sure, after I suceed this, I'll move the end-stop to the other side but for now, this in not an issue.

Using Repetier-Host settings for this inversion didn't helped, the X axis keeps homing to the right side...

Inverting the poles of the X motor, won't help because the motion to the left or to the right, work OK, without problems, only the homing direction is a problem.

I wonder if someone could suggest a G-code command or something in order to solve my problem?

I thank a lot in advance to anyone who can help me to solve the problem.


  • Since the end stop is also at the right side I owuld say this is correct and a design decision from geeetech. I wonder why you want to change this? You can define homing position to be 320 for x so host knows where it is after homing. Invert setting in host is for people who find the arrow direction strange which is mostly when y moved bed or if z moves the bed and not extruder.

    Normally it is not possible to change this without compiling a new firmware. As you already noted rotating motor would mirror x axis and all prints would come out mirrored. 
  • I bought a few Mizar Max printers but I am not the one to work with them. It proved to be very hard to make the folks who will work on them understand that the homing position of the X axis is not important so far as the model remains unchanged and therefore, I thought it would be easier to change the machines instead of changing the people. 

    I also thought that someone from the Community, cleverer than me, would suggest some G-code commands able to help me invert the homing movement for the X axis.

    Compiling a new firmware, basically is not a problem but I practically don't know anything about the board so, in this case, compiling a new firmware would be a long term adventure and I'm not eager to get into it.
  • Ok, I understand. Unfortunately there is no g-code command in marlin as far as I know what changes this. So you can only try to goole for sources for that exact printer so you can simply change the 2 config lines. Everything else is quite hard work to get all configs right without knowing the details.
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