Repetier host 1.03

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  • When will it be available for MAc users ???
  • Mac version is an separate software which needs a separate programming, so it is not a simple compile for mac. It is spend some month development for the next update type of update. Having said that, we are working hard on a new version, but we can not say when it will happen. My guess is in 1-2 month for a first updated version. From then on we want to increase update frequency also for mac.
  • That would be a lot easier to take if it hadn't been so very long since you released a Mac update previously.  You repeatedly chose to release Windows/Linux updates while allowing the Mac version to fall behind.  Can you at least assure Mac users that you'll be more even-handed about keeping Mac at release parity in the future?

  • Sorry, prior msg sounded a bit harsher than I'd intended, I only meant it a little bit harsh (which seemed fair under the circumstances).  I really do prefer Repetier-Host, but only if the Mac version is kept at release parity with the Win version.

  • SInce the  repetier 1.0 is out, you can try this :

  • I wanted to say Until not since
  • How is the Mac version going now?, some of us really don't want to use the Windows or Linux versions!
  • New versions are much work. Maybe end of the year. Will try a first update sooner, but no guaranties.
  • Okay... I'll wait..... Patience..... :)
  • New versions are much work. Maybe end of the year. Will try a first update sooner, but no guaranties.
    I got the Christmas Tree this 2nd Advent weekend, Hopefully Santa-Claus will bring some goodies for the Mac Makers.
    Meanwhile we can all get in the mood with my rearranged classic german Christmas song:

    Advent, Advent,
    ein Lichtlein brennt.
    Erst eins, dann zwei,
    dann drei, dann vier,
    dann steht das Christkind mit dem Repetier vor der Tür.

  • Any news? End of year is soon ;-) 
  • Unfortunately the server development took more time then planned. Good news is the server is out and also works on Mac and will be updated in the same cycle as other server platforms, simply because it is the same code for all platforms. So over short the server is the preferred way to print. Plan is to add an interface to the hosts to send jobs directly to servers.
  • How's the Mac version  ?

    Plan to release soon ?
    I've just build a  k8400 and I must use Windows to use it it's boring !!

  • You can use our server whcih also runs natively on mac. Slicer support will follow.
  • No thanks I don't want to use internet to print 3d objects !!!!!!
    I will use matter control or simplify 3D, they both run on Mac osX  !
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