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Hello again,

wouldn't it be possible somehow that you could specify the folders for certain things per printer or that the software remembers which folder should be used for which function?

So example:
The firmware for a printer is usually always in the same place under the same name (here /.../bla/blub/firmware.hex).
If you want to upload gcode to the GUI, the folder will be where you last worked like the firmware-folder, regardless of what you want to do. That makes no sense...

That's why I think it would be great if you could use per printer to specify the folder and, if necessary, the file name for the firmware and otherwise, for example, the directory for uploading gcode would be remembered, as well as other directories tied to the function


  • No this is not possible. Browsers do not allow setting a start directory. Which one is used depends on browser and last used directory. What you can du is drag and drop the file on the file item instead of selecting it.
  • Ok, that I haven't know. Also not at the firmware upload range as a "hidden copy&past" from any config-file?
  • That is browser generated. For all <inout type="file"... html fields you can drag the file on it instead of selecting it. Works on all websites:-)

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    Yes, that I know. But that's not the point I was trying to make.
    But when you say that it is not possible to preset the path in a browser, then I believe you; I have no idea about it.

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    Something else; I just noticed. Therefore, for the sake of simplicity, I'll attach it here.
    Yesterday I set up “Pushover” and sent a picture with it. But the image is taken when the printer is in its rest position. Since my CAM hangs on a boom on the Z-axis and the end position after a print is Y-MAX and Z-MAX, I can of course no longer see anything of the printed part.
    Would it be possible to provide a previous image here, e.g. directly or shortly before the part is finished? Maybe a trigger as the first position in the final code before the printer moves to its rest position? Or simply the generated thumbnail of the time-lapse (perhaps in original resolution)? This is already possible when it comes to time-lapse, but not (yet) as a trigger for a PushOver image... or is it?
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