Can not shutdown the printer with Shutdown button in the GUI

I was looking for any answers according to my problems, but there is still no solution. 
I can not turn off the whole printer with "Shutdown" button in the GUI. It only shutdown the server, but the printer is still on. 
I tried to turn off by inputting M81 command in console. It's working. 
Next I tried to edit "Button Commands" in Printer Settings -> G-codes -> Button Commands -> Power off
Finally I have added Wizard, which turn off the printer by M81. 
Is there any option to change "Shutdown" button to shutdown not only the server?


  • The shutdown for server is an external command that gets called.
    If you want to power off printer and then run shutdown you can call the shutdown by adding the call to the
    @execute ;shutdown

    to trigger shutdown as well. Eventually delay it to give server time to send it to printer before it shuts down it self.
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