Firmware configuration tool

Hi !

I am new to 3D printing with limited understanding of the firmware programming. Is there a  more detailed explanation of the settings?
I am trying to configure a firmware for my delta printer, but always get some compile error messages from arduino before uploading.
Can't find out what could be wrong. 

There are some setting in the configuration paseg, wich are highlighted with orange background. For eg. "Floor safety margin" on the "General" page, or "Decouple hold variance" on the "Temperature" page. Does the highlighting mean, that the value is wrong there?

Thanks for any help !


  • As described on first page of the tool, orange are new parameter. This is interesting if you upgrade your old code. It is not a error. On the download page you might get some warnings for common mistakes.

    Normally the errors already contain information on what is wrong, like selecting the wrong board in the arduino ide or a missing variable (which should not happen with config tool). If you don't understand what is wrong, post the error.
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