Help with Prusa i3 / Repetier

About a year ago I purchased a reprap Prusa i3 3D printer kit off of eBay.  After I was went through a lengthy configuration then calibration process, the printer worked great.  Unfortunately, the laptop that I had originally set the printer up on died.  After replacing a hard drive and rebuilding the computer, I now need to re-configure repetier.

I downloaded and installed the latest version of the application.  

I am able to xyz.STL file no problem.  Where I am getting stuck is connecting my laptop running Windows 7 to the printer.  I have it connected via USB.  

When I click on 'connect', I get 'Serial com  error

Under printer settings I have 'connector' as serial connection (the other drop down says  says virtual printer).  Under port, the only drop-down is 'COM3'.  

I am definitely missing something that is probably very apparent to an experienced user.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Did you install the server as well and configured it? Then it will block the port while the printer is active there. In that case select server connector and print through the server, which is the intended way to work with the server.
  • I am a newby to 3D printing and have the same printer. The problem I have is I keep getting is "no start signal detected-forcing start" and "communication timed out- reset buffer block.

    I have a GT2560 board , Marlin firmware ( I got form Geetech for their board) and Repetir-Host.
  • Sounds like wrong baud rate in printer settings.
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