Layers offset

i bought a ebay Prusa i3 and loaded Repetier to start understanding how the code and a 3D printer work. The firmware compiled fine and moving 100mm in any axis after calibration results in equal movement in the printer.

My problem is after the first layer is printed and filled the second layer is offset in both the X and Y directions. I am using Ramps 1.3.

I have searched but have not found anything that may explain this. Anyone know what to look for to correct this? I am pretty sure it is a setting I have overlooked somewhere. 


  • What firmware version?

    It might be crosstalk to endstops if moves are always away from endstops. Then try ALWYAS_CHECK_ENDSTOPS 0.
    Could be lost steps through high speed/acceleration, low motor current, high jerk, loose pulley. In 99 percent it is one of these.
  • I will have to check version tonight. But I just downloaded and I believe was last stable build. I do need to verify motor current.
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