Option to move "/var/lib/Repetier-Server" somwhere else?

... me again ...

I have now installed the server on my NAS as a computing aid for the PI; cool thing!
However, as usual, RS stores its data hard-wired on /var/lib/Repetier-Server/. In the case of my NAS, this is on a very small SSD, which is actually only supposed to contain the operating system and services. So I would like to move it to the RAID.

Of course you can do this via a SoftLink. But that sometimes has its pitfalls.

Hence my question:
Is there an RS-native option that I just don't see or, if I'm not blind, is one intended to move this folder somewhere else without a hard or soft link?



  • Yes, that is possible. See
    for where to put server xml definitions. What you are looking for is overwriting this entry:
  • ... fu** ... This would prove that I am blind... Because I already had the file open, but I simply didn't see it...

    Thanks for the quick answer to my stupid question and have a nice Sunday


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