Connection issue (Mac+BTT Octopus+Marlin)

I am trying to connect my BTT Octopus with the marlin firmware. I am able to connect successfully, but at the bottom it is stuck at "Waiting for temperature" and None of the commands go through to actually control the printer. I can override these commands with fake ok, which does end up working and I am able to control the printer, but I am wondering if there is any solution behind this. I have tried changing the Baud rate several times and this does not work.


  • If it works after a fake ok there must been an other command where the ok was missing from and since host knows M109 is a slow command it does not timeout easily at this now. You need to check what it misses. Except this I'd advice using  Repetier-Server instead for mac to send files to printer.
  • The problem is though that even if i fake okay, the commands will go through. But after that, i have to keep faking ok everytime i try to control the printer. 
  • Do they at least cause the action you send. If not it is no communication problem, but firmware is waiting for the heater to reach and stabalize the temperatures. After M109 and M190 the printer will stop responding until firmware thinks target temperature is reached.
  • Yes, after i fake okay the actions go through. But the temperature shouldn't matter if all I am controlling is the x or y steppers. Is there a way to delete the command that is causing these problems to prevent it from happening continuously? 
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