Cheap HAMA 720p WebCAM works great

... maybe I can give something back to the community...

On suspicion, I bought two cheap WebCAMs from HAMA on eBay ( Trades around €13.

This camera works great on the PI based server.
The camera has manual focus (a bit fiddly to use, but how often do you do that?!) and lighting that can be adjusted on the cable.
After loosening the two rear screws and unclipping the side parts, you can simply disassemble them and pull out the pin from the base after nibbling off the collar inside.
Instead of the pin, I inserted an M4 screw with a steel and nylon washer from the inside, same on the outside and secured it with a nut.

Now it sits on an arm on the Z-Support... Works wonderfully...

At Thingiverse and others you can find some stuff to use a Logitech C270 with manual focus. I have try that and destroy two of them. On both the objective are so hard glued that's impossible to loosen them... Not with heath, not with Isopropanol, not with Acetone (1st trash producing) and absolutely not just with force (2nd for trash...). So just as a warning... I have no idea how the author of that have loosen them... ^^
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