G-Code file upload problem

I have just installed the latest
Repetier Server on a Windows 7
machine and connected to the Delta

controlled by
Arduino Mega 2560. Everything is working fine except G-Code
file upload. Every

time I upload G-code file, I
receive such
notification (‘Failed to remove finished job file


Eventually, Stored G-code File list screen
fails to show files
that I intend to upload. However,

if I restart Repetier sever
service and log on to the server again, uploaded files are properly shown

on Stored
G-code list box. I’ll be looking
to hearing from you for any assistance you might



  • Which upload function are you using? Direct print or upload to models?

    In any case the must be a error message before that problem looking like this:

    Creating new job caused error ...


    Creating new model caused error ...

    Only after such an error, the server will try to delete the uploaded files. A typical reason would be a permission denied if the folder is not read/writable by the servers user. So make sure you did not copy files yourself to it - the server does not run with your account.

  • I've installed server 0.650 and I have made several attempts to upload G-code function in another desktop and notebook of windows 7. The results were all  the same. Direct printing works remarkably well but 'upload model ' seems to be a failure. Error message in server log file is as follows. I did not copy any files by myself. How to fix 'Creating new model caused error ...' ??

    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2015-10-06 21:58:30: Start logging...
    2015-10-06 21:58:30: Webdirectory: C:\Program Files\Repetier-Server\www\
    2015-10-06 21:58:30: Storage directory: C:\ProgramData/Repetier-Server\
    2015-10-06 21:58:30: Configuration file: C:\Program Files\Repetier-Server\bin\RepetierServer.xml
    2015-10-06 21:58:30: Directory for temporary files: C:\Windows\Temp\
    2015-10-06 21:58:30: Reading firmware data ...
    2015-10-06 21:58:30: Starting Network ...
    2015-10-06 21:58:30: Reading printer configurations ...
    2015-10-06 21:58:30: Starting printer threads ...
    2015-10-06 21:58:30: Starting work dispatcher subsystem ...
    2015-10-06 21:58:30: WorkDispatcher table created successfully
    2015-10-06 21:58:30: Starting user database ...
    2015-10-06 21:58:30: Initalizing LUA ...
    2015-10-06 21:58:30: Starting web server ...
    2015-10-06 21:58:30: Webserver started.
    2015-10-06 21:59:28: Job created: C:\ProgramData/Repetier-Server\printer\dP150A\models/00000001_.u
    2015-10-06 21:59:28: Creating new model caused error Assertion violation
    2015-10-06 21:59:29: input stream size: 8378680
    2015-10-06 21:59:29: Output stream size: 8378680
    2015-10-06 21:59:29: Job created: C:\ProgramData/Repetier-Server\printer\dP150A\models/00000002_AngelStatue2_fixed.u
    2015-10-06 21:59:29: finish job C:\ProgramData/Repetier-Server\printer\dP150A\models/00000002_AngelStatue2_fixed.u
    2015-10-06 21:59:29: Updating info for C:\ProgramData/Repetier-Server\printer\dP150A\models/00000002_AngelStatue2_fixed.g printer dP150A
    2015-10-06 21:59:29: Creating new model caused error File not found
    2015-10-06 21:59:29: error: Failed to remove finished job C:\ProgramData/Repetier-Server\printer\dP150A\models/00000002_AngelStatue2_fixed.g
    2015-10-06 21:59:29: Handling action 'listModels' caused error File not found
    2015-10-06 21:59:29: LUA job rendering.render#{"id":2,"image":"C:\\ProgramData/Repetier-Server\\printer\\dP150A\\models/00000002_AngelStatue2_fixed_l.png","layer":"C:\\ProgramData/Repetier-Server\\printer\\dP150A\\models/00000002_AngelStatue2_fixed.layer","list":"models","slug":"dP150A"}
    2015-10-06 21:59:29: Reading configuration file ...
    Input file: C:\ProgramData/Repetier-Server\printer\dP150A\models/00000002_AngelStatue2_fixed.layer
    system exception

  • The server seems to have problems with your C:\ProgramData/Repetier-Server\printer\dP150A\models/ directory. For me it works with windows, so it must be something in your directory. When it tries to read the contents you get this error

    2015-10-06 21:59:29: Handling action 'listModels' caused error File not found

    so you are misssing some file that is expected there. Try deleting all files inside that directory. That should fix the problem after a server restart. You might want to copy the ".g" files which are your gcodes. Just make sure directory is empty otherwise. If you can make a screenshot of the directory so I can try what combination might cause the error. My guess is that one file that normally gets created when you upload is missing.

  • 1) Directory status after server start
    C:\ProgramData\Repetier-Server\configs  : dP150A.xml
    C:\ProgramData\Repetier-Server\database : rederer.json   settings.sql   user.sql   workdispatcher.sql
    C:\ProgramData\Repetier-Server\logs : sever.logs
    C:\ProgramData\Repetier-Server\printer\dP150A\data : vacant
    C:\ProgramData\Repetier-Server\printer\dP150A\jobs : vacant
    C:\ProgramData\Repetier-Server\printer\dP150A\logs : vacant
    C:\ProgramData\Repetier-Server\printer\dP150A\models : vacant
    C:\ProgramData\Repetier-Server\tmp : vacant
    2) I Uploaded G-code file 'AngelStatue2.gcode'
    3) Upload finished pop up message 2 times.
    4) Message icon notify ' dP150A Failed to remove finished jon file ......'.
    5) Directory status  : all same except models directory
    C:\ProgramData\Repetier-Server\printer\dP150A\models : 00000006_AngelStatue2.g   00000006_AngelStatue2.gin     00000006_AngelStatue2.layer   00000006_AngelStatue2.linfo   00000006_AngelStatue2_l.png   00000006_AngelStatue2_m.pnf 

    Thanks for your  reply.

  • Strange. All files you expect after a success are there. Do they all have a length or are some of them empty? Are the images correctly rendered or did renderer fail?

    Can you describe exactly what happens? Does the download button get activated again? Does a rendering image appear? 

    Also does it happen with other gcodes as well? Maybe it is the gcode so if you could send the gcode I will test if it fails for me too. My gcodes all succeed making it hard to find the problem.

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