Thermal Shutdown, where are the logs?

I am having thermal issues.  Some time into the print, the PID looses its grip and starts oscillating and the printer shuts down.

If I could see what the printer was doing just before it issued the shutdown it would help debug it.

So, where are the logs?  I don't have the camera turned on as that doesn't have thermal or command logs.


where do I turn on the logs?  The command window view is what I want, but that only extends a few hundred lines at best...  The shutdown seems random, so I can't sit nearby and watch/listen for it.  The last one was 3 hours into a 26hr print, and was about midnight...I wan't even conscience. 

Apparently the stationary PID is off from reality just enough so that it will allow it to start oscillating after some time...

Help pls...


  • You need to enable logging to see full communication. Select in hamburger menu for printer "Logs" and check the box to activate it. In same window you can later download the log for analysis.
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