Wireless ad-hoc local connection


I am trying to get a wireless ad-hoc local connection working between my PC and my Repetier-server (running on RPi3).
It works fine using a direct ethernet connection using a static IP, and using a wifi connection through a router. But is there a way to make it without it ? 

Thank you very much for your help ! 


  • Yes, it has an access point mode that gets activated if it sees no known networks. You can define it in network settings on second tab. You can also say to always enable it if you want that.
  • Ip of server is then over ap.
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    Thank you very much for your help!  :).

    I have now the access point working using the app settings. I might miss something though, since the only way I can connect is from rpi ip adress. The DNS is not working neither is 

    I used the default settings, Hostname and SSID are set to RepetierServer
  • Did you connect your wifi with pi Access Point? Only devices connected to pi wifi instead of your home wifi can see ip address. You should also see RepetierServer in your list of AP stations now.
  • Well, I did it again this morning, and it is working as it should using !! I don't know why I couldn't.

    Thanks a lot!
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