Print with only 2nd extruder

Not sure should I post this in Feature request or Bug report.
It would be great if I could set some model to print only on second or third extender.
I have low temperature extruder (extruder 1) and high temperature extruder (extuder 2). 
Sometimes I need to print only on 2nd one.
With Repetier is sounds simple, just change extruder for model, slice and print. 
But when model is sliced, it use extruder 1 even when extruder is changed in model settings.

Usually I manually change G-code to switch print to second extruder adding T1 Gcode after initial movement to Z15, and replacing heater setting M104 and M109 to T1. After that I can send to printer and everything prints fine.

It would be great if you can set after slicing this extruder change, so no manual editing would be required.


  • Use slic3r (needs host 1.5.6 to use selected extruder for object) or for curaengine write a config for 1 extruder and omit all Tx in M104/M109. That way the active extruder is used, so just select the extruder to print in manual control you want to use and print. In object placement simply assign everything to extruder 1 (is ignored anyway).
  • Yes, manual editing G-code file doing job just fine after slicing for 1st extruder. 
    But it would be great if you can, in future versions, integrate this code replacement when only 2nd or 3rd extruder is  set in module.
  • This solution was not for editing gcode, it was for creating invariant gcode without extruder selection at all. That is a difference. Problem at the moment is that CuraEngine does not allow skipping a extruder that is not used, so this is for now th eonly solution until we get a postprocessor correcting that.
  • Right post-processing was my tough as best solution. Even thinking to add some scripts to  Repetier Server so I can process some Saved G-codes with templates (ex. only Nth extruder, custom extruder wipe, turn off bed after 4th layer ....)
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