Connecting Windows XP to the Fabrikator Mini Issues

Hi All,
I have downloaded the software to run the Turnigy Fabrikator Mini. I get to the manual control stage and then connect to the printer and try to move the XYZ axis but the unit doesn't send the message to the printer? Any suggestions???


  • What does the log say? If you successfully connect you should get some messages. If only connect gets green you need a different baud rate.
  • I will give you the message tomorrow that it gives me. It seems like the software isn't communicating to the printer. The connection Icon goes to green but then I go to manual control and cannot move any xyz axis manually.
  • Going to donate some $$$ if I get an answer that works!!
  • You didn't say it does not work. Also use 1.5.6 host version so you do not have to find a working reset on connect setting (removed in 1.5.6)
  • Reset send buffer block is the message I am getting in repetier host 1.5.6
  • Anything else in the log e.g. if you send M115? The reset message comes after timeout. What baud rates did you try? Sure you have the right com port? You need the one that disappears when removing usb plug if you have more then one.
  • Ihave the baud rate set at 115200 and I have the right com port I can control the manual xyz axis. When I send a file to print the time is wrong and nothing happens?
  • try turning off the auto port and pick the port that the fabricator is on.
  • "When I send a file to print the time is wrong and nothing happens?"

    What do you mean here? At start it will heat up bed and extruder which takes time and blocks communication.
  • I open the same file on my notebook and the time to complete is not right. I open on my laptop and everything works and the print time is around double the time on the notebook. Something that estimates 30 mins on the laptop estimates 15 mins on the notebook?
  • In printer settings you can adjust estimated print time by x percent. I guess your setting there differ quite a bit. That is only a guess and does not have an effect on real printing time.
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